Certain Spending Cause Bad Feelings

Hi Brooke,

I watched the first Money Spending video you uploaded and it is gold. Thank you!

After making a list of expenses and how they made me feel I came to two realizations:
Firstly, apparently I use clothes online shopping as buffering and self-soothing activity and mostly feel bad when purchasing them. It seems that very few items in my closet really changed my life experience for the better just because I own them or wear them.

Secondly, all purchases I’ve made for writers seminars, online writing classes, writing coaching, and hundred of books on the craft of writing, always make me feel bad, because they were a result of a thought – ‘I’m not good enough of a writer, therefore I should buy another book, another workshop, another seminar, and another package with a coach.’

Interestingly, this past weekend I went ahead and hired a writing coach for a package I committed to and paid fully upfront. Unlike your car or boat, I am aware that his terms are that this is not refundable. How do you then, live with an expense you can’t undo that causes you bad feelings?