Challenges with husband

I have been noticing that my husband keeps shouting at me at the drop of a hat if he doesn’t like what he sees or I don’t do what he expects me to do. My mom has been diagnosed as a narcissist by my previous therapist. How we deal with her is a constant source of argument. He chides me multiple times for how inadequately we are raising my son. He also has lots of opinions about my career. Many times I don’t feel like sharing what is in my mind because he ends up fighting. I have been very dependent on him in the past but as I’m doing more self coaching I am seeing and questioning things differently. He takes feedback and says sorry many times but I’m wondering if I’m going through emotional abuse/ gaslighting from him. How do I ascertain if I need more than coaching and perhaps therapy or counseling etc.? It is exhausting to be married to him, I feel he constantly wants to keep changing me, wondering if he is a narcissist himself.