Changing my mind. Again.

Hi Brooke,

Just joined and I am so EXCITED!

One thing I have noticed is that when it comes to picking a specific target in my career (entertainment industry) I change my mind a lot. Usually with a thought like “well that’s a hell of a long shot.”

When it’s a goal that is not dependent on another person, and something that I’m solely creating, I follow through and even have an assistant that helps me be accountable. To give you an example, I did 30 Impressions in 30 Days where I wrote, filmed and edited 30 celebrity impressions in 30 days and completed it every single damn day even though I didn’t want to 96.9% of the time. : ) But, when I choose a goal which is partly dependent on someone else, like getting on a certain tv show, (even one that specializes in my specific talent), I end up backing off.

For example I’ll say, OK my goal is to go after this show to audition as a cast member. Excitement! Then my brain says, “Wait a minute, so if you get it, you are going to move your whole family to the east coast? Change your kid’s schools when they are just getting acclimated to their new school here? You’d see your kids way less, and your family way less, and blah blah and I end up not being able to make the distinction between whether my goal was simply not a great idea for me/my family or if I’m just trying to cut out early because I don’t know how to get there or the result isn’t happening fast enough.

This is the 2nd year that I have made all of my income from tv/hosting which is a result that I am proud of creating. However, I want so much more and I noticed one of the things I do around making a big career goal is waffle. And then waffle again. I am ready to aim for something and stick to it until I get it, or something better.

Any insights?

Thank you!