Check of my model

Hi There!

I just started SCS. I am working on what may seem a very small thing… getting myself to get to bed at a reasonable time. I use to be asleep early and then up early and it felt so great getting my day off to a good start and feeling productive all day long. I use to feel that rising early was the “key to life”. For over a decade I have NOT done this… and it has taken a toll. So my first focus is to get to bed early so I can rise early and get the day off to a good start. I work for myself, at home, so I have flexibility. Would you please take a look at my model and let me know if I am on the right track with it? It’s my first one and I am not sure I am getting it right. Thank you!

CIRCUMSTANCE – lots to do and want to have fun, too

THOUGHT – I do not want to go to sleep because I want to get more done… and/or have more quiet, relaxing, rejuvenating fun.

FEELING – I am tired but I won’t stop working or reading or surfing the internet and just go to bed at a reasonable hour. Also frustrated… because here I am setting myself up for a compromised day once again!

ACTION – I stay up late working half-heartedly or reading even when I can barely keep my eyes open.

RESULT – I sleep in in the morning and and I don’t feel great when I wake because I went to bed too late (even though I got 8 hours in). I skip exercise because I feel I should jump right into work since I’m up late. I start to fade fairly early and often do not use my time well because I’m drowsy. I nap. Now I really feel like I have not used my day well. I feel mad at myself because I am not being productive NOR engaging in relaxing and rejuvenating activities that I like (like reading for pleasure).


C – lots to do and want to have fun, too

T – I plan my day so that I get my exercise done early, get one or two of my most important pieces of work produced and I am sure to take an hour to either read or do something else totally enjoyable (if I don’t feel like reading) before 5pm.

F – By early evening (when family comes home) I feel accomplished and relaxed and happy because I have been productive and had a bit of chill down time. I enjoy the evening and am ready to sleep by 10pm.

A – I got in my exercise, accomplished the 1 or 2 main pieces of work I needed to produce, and relaxed with a good book before 5pm.

R – I wake early, rested, ready to begin the day with a plan to both produce — and to enjoy.