Checking my food protocol

Hi, I’m trying to lose my last 10 pounds & have decided I’ll give the month of November to experimenting with a clear protocol (I’ve worked on Brooke’s stop overeating courses in October & want to try out a few things)

Below I have included the protocol I want to try, which I created based on how my work life is structured and what I’m already doing with my eating. I’m planning to follow this plan for 2 weeks, then after that assess & see if I want to make any small change – based on Brooke’s suggestion to give it a good 2 weeks.

One quick question. Can I check what your thoughts are about the once-weekly ‘joy eat’? Is it wise for it to include sugar & flour? I envisage it being a meal (preferably with friends or family) rather than snacks. Any feedback on this exception meal welcome.

Here’s my proposed protocol:

1. What is your eating window?
12 pm – 8 pm (breakfast: only black coffee)

2. How many meals?
2 meals 4 days a week / 2 meals + 1 snack when at clinic (tues-wed-thur)

3. What foods will you allow?
No sugar no flour
Fruit for snacks

4. How much will you eat at each meal?
Lunch: 8 oz vegetables, 4 oz protein, 1/2 cup grains, 2 tbsp fat
Dinner: 14 oz vegetables, 4 oz protein, 2 tbsp fat
Snack: 6 oz fruit only on 3 days a week
One ‘joy eat’ planned ahead which will be within the fasting window and may include sugar & flour