Checking my model..Please.

Per my coaching call I was told to put my finished Unintentional MOdel and Intentional Model into the “Ask a Coach”to check it..I am struggling with the modeling.
My challenge…Actually writing a protocol in advance.
Unintentional Model:
C – Unwritten food protocol for the day, especially 24 hours in advance.
T – I know what to eat – I know what to do
F – Guilty
A – Do not end up eating in the style I am striving towards
R – Another day of minimal progress and not any closer to being a FAT BURNER.

Intentional Model:
C – Pre-written, planned out protocol, designed to produce the result I want
T – This is truly the new way I want to learn to eat for a way of life
F – Committed
A – Write out a realistic meal plan
R – I follow through with my plan and build my own integrity.

Thank you