Chicken or Egg

So, I have a friend I asked to connect with more. She did, once. She always texts. We don’t spend quality time. We text superficialities. Or emotional weather.

Another friend is amazing, we have a great friendship. But, sometimes she really doesn’t spend quality time. She’s there but she’s in her head, and not really engaged….

Another friend keeps herself busy w/ work and family, and simply doesn’t text back.

I’ve been direct…. about asking for time together,

Sometimes people are just people…

Am I creating friends that are not seeking me to spend quality time or am I just having too high expectations?

I want more connection, deeper connection, I want friends that want to talk about things, and go deep – I’ve made two new friends this year and 3 more acquaintances. So I’m putting in the effort and there are results – one of them is the above person so she just doesn’t text, talk, anything…

I definitely have a greater need for connection than these people do.

Any help on cleaning up my brain around it and attracting people that want the same depth of friendship I do? – do I have blindspots here?