Childhood abuse model

I have been in scholars now for 6 months, i have uncovered some memories as a child that now keep coming up and wasn’t sure how to approach them without as much pain and feelings. I prepared a model. I have never done a model on this before. It kinda scares me. I get strong physiological responses when i think about it – tightness in chest and face, heart racing throat restricted, tears.

Unintentional model
C: sexual abuse as a young child by cousin
T; why did this happen to me
F: afraid (shame, terror)
A: relive experience, ruminate, string other bad thoughts together.
R: feel crappy/anxious/emotional/irritable for the rest of the day

Intentional model:
C: sexual abuse as a young child by cousin
T: that did happen to me then, but, now i am safe
F; calm
R: not to think about the C as often

This thought seems to feel the most believable right now. Any suggestions/help?