Choosing to say no

On the call last night, I loved how you told the two women to own the fact they don’t want to work. Mind blowing for me. You mean I have a choice? That being said, I DO want to work, but I find myself doing things in my business because it’s what I “should” be doing or because it’s what everyone who appears to be successful is doing.

However, I am practicing saying no to things I really don’t want to do. A few months ago, I closed a large Facebook group because it was sucking the life out of me and didn’t really fit the business model I want to have.

Now I’m stuck on the idea of video. I really don’t want to include it in my business, but I know it’s a huge asset. Mostly, I’m probably just afraid of doing it. How do I determine if it’s fear holding me back or if it’s something I really don’t need to include?

And if I do need (or want) to include it, how do I get past the fear and do it anyway?