Hello –
Several years ago I left a patriarchal church that I feel oppresses women. I was raised in this church and my life as a woman was deeply affected by these religious beliefs. It affected things like marrying an abuser, getting raped more than once, having no sense of self, feeling like I had no voice, being cut off from my family (because I later left the church), etc. I have been working to rebuild my life.

My current husband attends this church. I feel so incredibly hurt by him attending a church that is so extremely patriarchal and oppressive to women – especially when I was harmed by it so deeply. At times I feel like he doesn’t have my back – or that he doesn’t understand how deeply harmful it is to be treated as less than by a church and to be ruled over by 100% men. I am extremely saddened that he continues to support this church. Sundays are so painful and currently I wish Sundays didn’t exist.

Any help would be appreciated.