Circumstance causing my feeling

I understand that my circumstances don’t directly cause my feelings, but I’m having a hard time really wrapping my head around this. I do believe that my circumstances affect my feelings and this is putting up a block for me in moving forward with the model and my self coaching.

When I’m working full time, I truly don’t have the time to get done what I want and it takes a larger toll on my mental energy. I know you will say that it’s not my job that causes this, it’s my thoughts. However, I now have a slower summer and have been working part time, soon to go back to full time next month, and have felt so much relief which I don’t see myself feeling once work is back in full swing. I have had so much extra time to do things that have been on my to do list for over a year, I have the space to be more present with my family, and I just feel so much lighter. I cannot see how this is not directly related to my circumstance. Help please! I would love to keep this feeling going once I am back to working FT.