Clarification on making space for discomfort

Hello! Thank you for a great call. I asked what does making space around the discomfort that I feel around potentially moving my teenage son look like. One of your coaches suggested that I work the model around those negative feelings…awesome suggestion. I can see where I need to change those thoughts to get the results that I want…not feeling uncomfortable. But, I am curious, is that what you meant with creating space around discomfort. I heard that maybe I just need to tell myself that it’s a big change and there will be discomfort. That’s life and nothing went wrong. Can I be ok with knowing that my choices will create some discomfort for my family knowing that it will also lead to their evolution as awesome adults? I think that it is ok….maybe I can help by just being present with them when the discomfort occurs and reflect that nothing went wrong..we are just being human. But, then what about the model? Is that trying to change the discomfort?

Maybe I am thinking too much…..curious about it though…Thanks! Elizabeth