Clarification on Categorizing Feelings | DMWC

Hi! I have a question related to categorizing feelings. Here’s my unintentional model:

C – Planathon Workbook
T – It’s going to take forever.
F – Dread
A – Keep moving the scheduled time to work on it to another day. Haven’t worked on it in a week (no progress for 1 week).
R – It’s taking forever.

My initial inclination with categorizing the feeling is that dread is something I want to feel –> seems the current actions (above) come from avoiding / resisting the dread and then getting temporary relief from it by moving the time planned to work on it. So, seems if I was willing to feel the dread and then align my thinking with my intentional model, that I would then get the result I ultimately want (have fun with it and get it done). However, this feeling of dread also seems indulgent here in this model in that this keeps happening and is keeping me from getting the workbook done. There’s been no traction / growth / movement with it for a week now. So, my question is this – can an emotion be both “1. You want to feel.” and “3. Indulgent”?

In case it’s helpful, here’s my intentional:

C – Planathon Workbook
T – This is going to be fun.
F – Excited
A – Work on it when scheduled, no matter what. Expect the dread. Feel it then align thinking with intentional model before beginning. Take my time with it and enjoy the reflection / planning time. Do it from an abundant space.
R – Have fun with it and get it done.

Appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Thanks much!