Cleaning out my desk

Hi Brooke!

So I tried cleaning out my desk last weekend, it went mostly well. Except for my college notes. I have alot of them still from my four years studying engineering. I already culled them in the last year but there’s still plenty. I had thought earlier in the month ooh I can’t wait until the week of cleaning out my desk because I’ll throw all those college notes away! But when it came to it I was paralysed with fear. Fear that one day I’ll need them, one day a question will come up in work and the exact answer will be in those notes somewhere. And if I don’t have those notes I won’t know the answer.

My unintentional model is:
C: College notes
T: People will realise I know nothing
F: Fear
A: Keep notes, never look at them, fear people will find me out
R: Believe I know nothing.

Funny thing is I’m hoping to leave this career altogether by the end of next year so I won’t need the notes anyway! But I’m still afraid in the meantime something will come up where I’ll be lost without them.

I need help with the intentional model please, I’m not sure if the actions and results are quite right…or maybe I don’t believe the thought quite yet.
C: College notes
T: I believe in my intelligence and abilities. I can find out any thing I need.
F: Confident, secure
A: Throw away college notes, manage mind
R: Confident in my abilities to learn & apply knowledge

Thanks! x