Coach training / Missing my kids’ first day of school

I have a deposit down for the 2018 coach training, and I want to attend with every fiber of my body.

However, with the date change that’s recently been announced, it means I will not be there to take my two sons to their first day at their new schools — the 3-year-old will be starting pre-K and the 6-year-old will be starting school.

It makes me feel sad and torn.

The way I want to feel about it is confident and determined, knowing that their dad will be there to take them, that it will actually be good for them to have an important experience without me in the picture, that I’ll be with them in thought (kinda, I don’t want to be distracted 😉 ), and that I haven’t missed an important day in their lives so far: this is not an absentee mother pattern, this is a life-changing opportunity for me and therefore for the whole family.

What do you think? Is this a good way to coach myself on this? Any suggestion?

Thank you!