Are coaches 20% of the journey?

Hey Brooke

I’m a new life coach and have struggled with the fear of not getting clients result. You mention we need to base our success on holding space, showing up on time, sharing knowledge, asking questions etc. And not on what the client does.

To help me change my thinking around this, I used the 80 20 rule.

In order for the client to get results, they must be 80% of the journey and the coach is 20% – there to guide them, help them understand themselves etc.

But in the end, the client needs to go out there and learn as much as they can and not only rely on the coach.

When I hired a life coach, within a month I was finally able to say I love myself. 20% of it was the coach and 80% of it was me actioning what she said and listening to hundreds of Abraham Hicks videos.

Would you agree with this 80 20 perspective?