coaching a friend (MO)

A friend of mine was telling me about his troubles with his wife and I tried to use the model to help him through it (this was my first time trying to use the model with someone else. You all make it look easy!). He started by making vague statements like they struggle with intimacy. I asked him for a specific example and managed to work out an unintentional model, but I am struggling with the intentional model. He said if she would open up with him more about her thoughts and feelings he would feel trusted, loved, close and relied upon. Do you have any suggestions?? Any help would be appreciated.

C: wife didn’t share about brother
T: she doesn’t trust me
F: rejected, angry
A: argue
R: not as close

C: wife didn’t share about brother
T: my wife loves me. She shows it in many ways
F: loved
A: ask questions
R: closer