coaching client

Hi Coaches

I am really struggling when it comes to a client of mine.  She does not show up and do the work, and a lot has come up in coaching and I’m starting to feel that she may need to see a licensed therapist.

I want to off load her as a client, but am feeling terrible anxiety doing so. I am a WL coach, and when she came to me initially it was about wanting to lose weight. As we dug a little deeper, it started to become a little more than that and we realised that she needed more self love and body acceptance.

Since coaching, she has seen some improvements, however, she often doesn’t show up and do the work. She often has excuses like her job having too many hours, or outright resists the coaching that I give her.

She keeps telling me how important coaching is for her right now, and how committed she is. However, some of the issues she has raised I feel would be better seen to by a licensed therapist. I am having such mind drama about it all right now because I am scared to off load her as a client as I don’t want this to be the ‘thing that pushes her over’. She is extremely fragile at the moment, and keeps saying coaching is all she has but honestly- she is not showing up, doing the work and the things that are coming up seem to be far from what I usually coach in.

I coach on WL and body love and acceptance is a huge thing. However, she does not need to lose weight and has body dysmorphia and keeps resisting me when it comes to offering her different perspectives. I know she has told me that she is struggling financially- so I feel like when I tell her that it’s best if she goes to a therapist she will say that she can’t afford one.

I really need help with this as it is creating extreme anxiety for myself. We signed for a 3-month commitment, so far we have only worked for a month and a half and she has paid for 2 months. I would like to refund her for those remaining 2 coaching calls and send her an email where I lovingly tell her about how I feel that she should best be seen to by a therapist, and am happy to work alongside a therapist but feel that it would be best if she was seen to by a medical practitioner.

Please help coach me on this