Coaching market

Hi Brooke, Thank you so much for your time. I have been putting off digging into my coaching niche but have finally bitten the bullet and put pen to paper.
So I am a life coach and strategist and have a good business doing one on one coaching, workshops with corporate clients as well as a number of magazines and newspapers I write for. My background is law, after 10 years of practice, 2 years of IVF and a lifetime of body hate, obsessive dieting and exercising, eating disorder, overworking, over drinking – you know the deal on the outside appearing skinny and successful but on the inside miserable…I was lucky to fall pregnant with my first child. I then studied coaching and did some consulting while kids young and in last year have incorporated the business and work 3 days a week. I don’t want to work more hours but I know I can produce more results and am developing an online platform.
My coaching has always been aimed at women aged 30-50 who are:
People/women aged 30-50
Life in chaos
Tired, unfit, anxious, overwhelmed, always on, always busy, getting nowhere, unfulfilled (basically me 4 years ago)
I coach them on life design for optimal wellbeing
I hear you asking what is the problem I solve…
Problem: overwhelmed, buffering, escaping, over eating drinking working etc, outwardly successful inwardly miserable/dissatisfied.
Is this niche enough?
How do I package it? I was thinking ‘Life Deisgn: from chaos to clarity’? My battle cry is ‘get out of the cave people!’. What I teach is to treat yourself with the honesty and integrity you expect of others and so easily give to others and that all begins with optimal wellbeing.
I appreciate all feedback and advice!
Thank you!!