Coconut Milk in Coffee

First of all, I am so freaking excited to be a part of the Scholars program! My membership doesn’t officially start until May and I’ve already gotten so much out of the Stop Overeating course. So, since I’ve been watching that, I have a quick question regarding my coffee and full-fat coconut milk that I add to it in the morning and whether or not you think I am raising my insulin levels enough to be inhibiting progress? I have done fasting before and it has always worked well for me, this time I am going to do it with more intention and knowledge behind what’s going on. I know that my body will be different than others, so how do I know if the coconut milk is a problem? Right now my weight is not a big problem, I am bigger than my optimum weight, but I still feel clear-headed and physically good since I often follow an 80/20 paleo template. Over the last 2 months I have eaten more bread and sugar than I would like, however I know that I haven’t done too much damage, because I’ve been there before and I still feel pretty good. So, I don’t think I have to change too much to get back to it. I am cutting out sugar and flour, going back to mostly paleo with dairy and quinoa because over past experiences that has felt good and I feel it’s a good place to start. With all that being said, with that type of protocol and an 8 hour fast (1pm to 9pm) will the coconut milk in my coffee possibly be a problem?

Thank you so much for everything and this great, affordable way to get coaching!