Communication at Work

Due to some recent restructuring at my job, it is now necessary for me to have more frequent operations discussions directly with my general manager rather than others in different positions. Yesterday, I had a conversation with him to clarify something, and felt awkward and incompetent during and after our conversation. I have this other question that I’ve been putting off over a week. Here is my model.

C – carton question
T – I don’t want to bother him
F – nervous (intimidated in general)
A – procrastinate asking, over-thinking what to say & how to word it, wonder what he will think, do other tasks, carry work burden into personal time
R – I’m bothering myself

I wanted to feel confident in my new model, but decided that courage was more achievable. My thought seems vague but something about being willing to feel any emotion. My most feared emotion is incompetence. I have now written the email, but not sent it yet. I know that the same action from different thoughts and feelings can produce very different results. I really want to be clear headed before sending this email. Can you help me with my intentional model, and how can I know which model is affecting me most?