Confused by your answer

Hi Brooke

I’m really confused by your answer to my post re. The truth comes out…

The clarity and conviction I feel about achieving my result seems like a huge breakthrough and exactly what your teachings are about. Don’t you teach to be focused on the goal/result so that nothing gets in the way of achieving it??

So your response “Notice how much drama is in the statement and how this approach will make everything “hard.” to my post “I can impact the outcome and I will do whatever it takes to have the result that I want and that I believe is the right result”. has really thrown me off. Isn’t that point, that we should be 100% committed to our result and even if its hard, we still pursue it even if it gets hard we will achieve it?

I don’t think I’ve been “making it hard” as you seem to be applying. On the contrary, when I tried to achieve my result by conversation, listening, back and forth etc, I kept getting thwarted because I was given a lot of platitudes and pandering. It wasn’t until I really forced them to “play their cards” that I got results. I was able to “force the issue” because of the conviction and commitment to my goals. So I’m really confused here.

I just don’t think we can always get results when the stakes are high by being nice and pleasant and having polite conversations, and “listening”. I tried that and it got me nowhere…If the other party is not forthcoming, we can have all of the polite conversations in the world, but still ultimately remain stuck in the exact same place.