Hi Coaches
I am feeling terrible anxiety. I recently signed a new client 3 weeks ago. She was doing so amazingly and emailing me every week how great coaching is and how it is the best investment and she just keeps on discovering new things about herself constantly.

Today, out of the blue, before her weekly coaching call, she emails me to say, “Hi this is not working. Please send me what I owe for the rest of my package. I am too busy to explain more.” and cancelled her call.

I feel completely confused with this. My mind keeps on racing to find out reasons on where this could have come from. She was always saying how coaching was amazing etc etc etc. The whole day I have felt extremely sad and disappointed. I have and am coaching myself on making it not mean anything about me, but I keep on replaying our coaching and seeing what I could have done wrong. I feel this sense of doubt with myself because I feel like I missed something and how could I have not seen this coming?

Please help coach me on this!