Confusion on Quitting Jobs

For my purpose statement, I decided that my purpose would be to create a beautiful, enriched life and to work with inspiring people. I realized that I’m struggling with the next portion which is What Do I have To Do To Fulfill It because it has me list down “quit my job” as one of the answers. I know that Brooke has said before, that you shouldn’t quit your job because it’s not the job that creates your unhappiness. But how do we find the line between complacency and staying at your job because it shouldn’t impact your happiness and growth VS quitting because you just don’t want to be there anymore? The one focus area and the big accomplishment I wanted to achieve by the end of September, was to be living on a new schedule (maybe remote work) that makes me happy and allows me to work on my side projects. My mind immediately went to “I have to quit my job” because flexible hours aren’t a possibility, nor would I want to continue working for them next year. But I’m afraid that I’m just being reactionary if I quit since I don’t have a backup job lined up. I guess my question is, what is a good reason/ when should you quit your job if it isn’t what you do that matters but who you get to be? Thank you!