Confusion (Part 2)

Hi Coaches
This is a continuation of the ‘confused’ post that I posted earlier this week, to which I got a great reply.

I was feeling at peace with this, and took from this experience that I am learning to deal with clients and build my business and that this is TOTALLY about her and not about me and my worthiness.

UPDATE: Today I received an email from the client questioning me. Asking me if I really am a Weight loss coach, and saying that she sees nothing about me on the internet or testimonials. She called me a fraud and said she trusted me but can’t find anything about me online. She said that I am popular on Instagram but only seem to share recipes and no before and after pics or testimonials. She said she felt silly for trusting me and doesn’t believe that I am truly a one-on-one coach and ‘conned’ her.

My initial reaction was sheer anxiety . But after calming down, I stood firm and wrote up an email that I am a weight loss coach etc. and that I am not forcing her to stay on.

I am having such confusion and mind drama about this because I just don’t know what happened. I just don’t see what she is doing or where this came from. I am a WL coach and I help my clients get results. I haven’t shared any testimonials yet because my web team are still updating the site, but I just feel such confusion around her message. Where it would come from.

I suddenly started to have this pit in my stomach and a new thought “I’m not built for this. If this is what building my own business means, I can’t do it.” I honestly feel like I’m going a little crazy here, because last week she was just emailing me how much she loved our coaching and was seeing so much results- and this week she is leaving and calling me a fraud.

I have undeniable belief in myself and my ability as a coach, but I just feel stuck with this. I can’t help but feel anxious and feel like I have done something wrong, when I really haven’t.

Please help coach me on this