Confusion – UGH

Hi Brooke, I think you’ve clarified this for me a bunch already, but I’m confused. When you set a goal, is it believing in it and taking massive action? For example, I want to make 25k by the beginning of January. I also have know I have scarcity in my life around money. (I’ve been watching the training videos, doing models, and received coaching.) STILL I’m frustrated and confused. Do the scarce thoughts around money need to go first before I can actually go after the 25K? What does that look like for massive action? Can massive action look like practicing believing? Can massive action look like just believing it will happen and not actually do what I think I need to do (get a second job, work my hinder off etc)? WHY is my brain making this so difficult when I know it’s not… I appreciate you, you wonderful human! Thank you!