Creating a Business while Maintaining a Full-Time Corporate Job

Hi Brooke – I just joined SCS and I’m SOO excited about it. I’ve already started the Money asset program and it’s already eye opening for me. I’ve been doing a lot of self development work over the past year after going through a messy project ending/burnout at my corporate job. I was able to move over into a less stressful role a year ago after the project was ended, and since then have been really focused on what exactly it is that I want to do with my life. I’ve come to a point now where being a life coach (still determining which type of life coach) is feeling like the exact right fit. I’ve been very focused on things related to making this business happen, including educating myself as much as possible and putting time and effort into creating value. However, I am losing motivation and drive to complete my full-time job work. It’s a very flexible role, and I’m so appreciative of all the time and space I have to give energy to this other personal business work, but I’m not interested at all in doing my full-time job tasks. How can I motivate myself to do these things and embrace the fact that this isn’t going to be my forever career, but that completing these tasks will be valuable for me to not have the anxiety/worry about them not getting completed and…worst case scenario I get fired for not doing them? I am appreciative of this full-time job because I make a high salary, have wonderful benefits, and again have a lot of flexibility in my schedule and work location. It’s not like these are super hard tasks that I need to complete, but I just want to do, listen, work on OTHER things that bring me more joy with my time 🙂

Thanks so much!