Creating a Compelling Why

So, I begin again tomorrow with my first day of SCS. I dove into the materials with no sense of overwhelm but with a real sense that this time could be different because the approach is so different. I feel there’s no legitimate reason I shouldn’t get my hopes up as I’m learning my past is merely the story I’ve been telling myself and it’s time to change the narrative.

Ive heard you talk about having a compelling why and I am reluctant to create one as the why’s I’ve relyed on before didnt hold up and they sure seemed solid enough at face value at the time if my prior commitments and attempts.

As I write this, it appears to me that perhaps they didnt hold up because of my thinking and with doing the needed work around my thoughts, the why will be more than enough to move from commitment to capable to confident.

If one hasnt had success in the past, with weight loss or cessation of drinking or whatever, should they change their why or merely their thinking about that why?