Crying –> feeling the emotion or acting on it?

Dear Brooke and team,
Thanks for everything you do 🙂 I wish to ask you the following question:
I am a huge cryer. When I’m upset or sad, I cry. I almost always let myself do it (at least for a couple of minutes except when I’m at work or when it is highly unsuitable) but most often I do not control it. It just takes control.
I think I heard on the podcast a while ago that crying was the reaction to the emotion and that it was pretty much the same as shouting when you are angry (and therefore the action). So I’m wondering whether it is something that I could actually control…
Crying is very useful to me because it helps me relax to some extent but it is also a problem (especially in a professional context).
I do not feel like it is something I can control at all, much like when my stomach is tight when I’m anxious. I can often regain control after a couple of minutes but the damage is already done i.e. people have seen me cry (I’m a badass business lawyer so it is awkward for me to cry…) and I would prefer keeping my emotions to myself and not having to show everyone what’s going on for me.
Can you please let me know what you think on how to deal with this?