Daily worksheets – am I missing a step related to the awareness of neutrality or the positive/negative lens of each thought?

I have a few questions about this month.

Based on some of the comments here I’m not sure if there’s a step relating to the awareness of the neutrality of each thought that I’m missing. Here’s what I’m doing. Tell me where I’m wrong.
1) I was just doing the daily worksheets, filling them out but not going back over the information I gathered. This didn’t reinforce that these thoughts are all actually neutral and I’m just attaching meaning to them. I just wrote them down.
2) This seemed wrong, so last night I started to go back and ask the 3 questions, “Is it serving me,” “Do I want this,” “Is this current or outdated” for each thought / feeling / circumstance. I’m writing the answers as single letters next to each thought / feeling / circumstance and am taking a long moment to feel my answers. This feels more like I’m processing the info I’m gathering – noticing what my negative/positive lens for each thought is producing, that those lenses are THERE, and then have the chance to let some of them go. Yes?
3) Clarifying: When I ask if a thought serves me, I’m asking about the thought through the lens of the positive / negative connotation I’m attaching to it. I’m not concerned that they’re all ultimately neutral because they clearly have meaning for me in this moment to end up on my list.

Yes? No? Am I missing or misunderstanding a step to process this info?

– Though all thoughts are neutral and we just add meaning to them, we use this phenomenon to consciously produce the feelings we want to have in order to accomplish what we want each day. So we’re agreeing with ourselves to actively engage in using thoughts we attach “positive” to so we can use them to get from here to there, even as we remember it’s all a ploy because … they’re all actually neutral. Yes? Comments?