Dance Model Help

Can you please help me with my models?

I am not practicing my dancing as much as I would like.

C My dance practice
T I’ll never be that good. It doesn’t matter anyway. What’s the point?
F Apathetic
A Not practicing, buffering, negative self talk
R Not getting better

New model:

C My dance practice
T Dancers dance and practicing will help me get even better. This is going to be fun!
F Excited, Energized
A Practicing my dancing
R I will get better

Is the next step to practice the new thought to help bring about the desired action?

I am also working on an intentional model for the feeling of confidence.

C My dance performance
T I’ve got this! I am a good dancer. I want to (or should I say “will”?) show up and do my best.
F Confidence
A Perform confidently
R I show up and perform

If everything we want is because of a feeling we think we will have, the feelings I think I want are: proud, confident, capable, admired, accepted (by myself and others), and connected (to my dance friends and audience).

I am truly thankful for and admire those who show up (like Brooke) and want to do it too!

I guess it really boils down to this…
I want to feel like I am showing up in my life and not hiding anymore <—Is that a feeling, thought, or action?

Thanks for your help!