Dare Day #6 – Talking to People

I often hesistate a lot before asking anyone questions. I look up, spend hours on finding it myself. So my today’s dare was to talk to people even when I am wrong, and even when I only have half the information. I did a model on it and realized that the thought which stops me is that I will appear foolish in front of others. I changed it to “I collaborate with everyone” ! I had a issue I was woking on, I spend an hour looking it up, and then pushed myself to talk to people ! And instead of one, I ended up talking to 3 people, had good discussions and ended up finalizing the solution. Collaboration is so good, One person may not have all the answers, it is with collaboration that we get the answers. And And it also imporves your visiblity at work. Hope to keep at it. Yeh June !!