Dare of the day

This is a great month for dares since I’m scheduled for my dissertation defense next week! But for today I chose a different dare, sign-up for Modelthon in July. I’ve planned this trip as a reward for defending in June but had scarcity thoughts and fearful feelings that I should not wait until defending to commit. I decided that I’d work out the model and dared myself to do it today!

Model on my fear:
C- sign up for Modelthon
T- Committing before my defense is a bad omen, may not pass
F- Fear, anxious
A- Overanalyze (this is not a rational thought)
R- Waste time in indecision

Self-confident model with dare complete:
C- sign up for modelthon
T- Planning ahead and committing keeps me focused on my goals and is decisive
F- Self-confidence
A- Go to website and reserve my spot & get flights
R- Dare complete! I’m all signed up and planning the details of my trip.

PS. I found a company offering trail rides at Lake Grapevine. Reserving my spot for a solo trail ride is a dare for another day.