Dare of the Day – Barre Classes and Thanks, Lisa!

Hi there!

I have been working with Lisa in 1:1 coaching, primarily around the areas of work stress and weight loss. I wasn’t going to participate in this month’s homework in order to constrain and also because I feel pretty self-confident already so thought it would be okay to skip this month. But she suggested I consider participating so I ended up coming up with the goal of going to Barre classes every day.

It’s my sixth day and I am SORE! But it has had so many benefits already, including:

1) It has been so much fun!
2) It has helped my self-confidence because I don’t care if I suck at it and how I look to others who’ve been in the class for years
3) It has challenged an underlying belief I had that it’s not good to work out every day (I always thought 3-4 days/weekly was good, but that it was better to rest in between).
4) Most importantly, even though I may not lose any weight from it because I have not changed my eating (yet), I love that I have stayed committed to it. It’s similar to the month you had on impossible goals. I created my dare around the “impossible” goal of taking a Barre class every day and I love that I am keeping my word.

Dares don’t have to be complicated or embarrassing – just something that puts you in a slight discomfort. I love this month and thank you and thanks, Lisa!