Dare of the Day Model

I don’t think I’m doing these models correctly – please advise:
I have a friend (A) who gives VIP tours at Disneyland. I’m going today with another friend, and my dare is to ask friend A if we can go on her tour for free. It seems to me that the asking is the action, but in the workbook it says that on the self-confidence model the dare is the R line, so what’s in the A line?
Fear Model:
C: Going to Disneyland
T: She’ll think I’m a user for asking
F: Fear of being perceived negatively
A: Ask her to let us go on the tour for free
R: She says no, is angry with me
C: Going to Disneyland
T: It never hurts to ask for things – ever.
F: Self-Confidence
R: Ask her to let us on the tour.