Dares of the Day for Extroverts

Hey Brooke & coaches–

I am having a really tough time as an extrovert coming up with dares of the day. There are a TON of lists of dares on the internet but they seem to be targeted toward introverts. As a matter of fact, I got home yesterday after dropping my kids off at school and running to the grocery store. I sat down and started researching more ideas because my dare yesterday to ask to return something at a store after I had lost the receipt was pretty lame 😉. I read this one: ‘go up to a total stranger and give them a compliment’ and realized that I had walked in to the supermarket this morning, walked right up to a woman with super cute sandals on and told her I loved her sandals without even thinking about the whole dare thing!

Is it OK for me to ask if there’s any other extraverts in this boat who have come up with some awesome dare ideas??? If so, PLEASE share! I do plan on doing some things like telling a joke to a stranger (joke telling is something that I just don’t ‘do’), recording a podcast (since I’ve never done this before), and eating something I’ve never tried that grosses me out (but is of course, on protocol!!!). BUT, I need some more ideas!!!