Dares of the Day

Just wanted to share my dares of the day. So far, I asked for Indigo Girl tickets to an acquaintance who works for the concert hall putting on the sold out show. I wrote her a funny email about how I would serenade their office with Closer to Fine, make my dog howl our Indigo Girl songs on social media (our dog recently won a howling contest of theirs), unload the Indigo Girls equipment etc etc. She told me that I’m on the waitlist and that their office was in hysterics over what I’d do for the tickets. So no tickets (yet), but it was a very fun/silly interaction.

Second dare, I came up with pricing and a program for kids who want to take photography lessons from me this summer. I had been asked by some parents to do this and was dragging my feet because I kept thinking I needed to keep the price low (and I didn’t want to). So I procrastinated for over a month (probably 2, if I’m being really honest). I finally came up with the pricing and the schedule and sent it out. I’ve got several kids signed up at the price point I wanted and I’m so excited.

This wasn’t a dare of the day, as it was a month ago, but I asked for significantly more money for a short term contract and got it. I was nervous as hell about asking, but got what I wanted.

Ok here’s where I’m stuck in resistance … I have been wanting to launch a course for a long time now. Sales page is finished. Registration is ready. Credit card portal works. Content is 65% done. I want it to start in two weeks. I keep telling myself it’s not the right time, which I knew was a lie all winter. Now I’ve actually gone out and made myself much busier, so it doesn’t feel as much like a lie (time is not right), but I’m sure it is. I feel like overwhelm is my punishment for procrastinating and indulging in my brain sludge all winter. So now it’s time to just do it.

C Course
T it won’t be good because I won’t be able to put as much time into finishing the content
F self doubt
A don’t work on the course. Don’t launch the course.
R it’s not good because it only exists in my computer and in my head

C course
T I should’ve ran it this winter
F regret
A keep procrastinating
R course still not launched

C course
T The time is right and the content will come together in the way that it was always supposed to come together.
F a little bit of peace
A I will send out a launch email today
R course will come together (I still get confused about results before I’ve actually taken the action)

My thoughts still aren’t amazing or propelling me into action… would love some help as this would be the only dare I’d truly be so proud of myself for completing this month.

Thanks Brooke!