Dares recap

I wanted to report in on last month’s dares. I was uncomfortable SO much this past month.

– launched my podcast
– promoted the heck out of my podcast launch, everywhere, even though it has a “bad word” in the title (I had originally planned to block family from seeing it but dared myself to share it with everyone and to risk being annoying!)
– spoke in front of a crowd (something I’m used to) but planned jokes in my speech (usually don’t try to be funny) and no one laughed or complimented my speech after
– wore bikinis several different places even though my body didn’t look as toned and perfect as I wanted
– wore very fashionable and noticeable outfits every day of a convention I attended and one night wore a dress with a very deep V in the front that was so out of my comfort zone
– did Facebook lives when other people were around and could see me doing it
– asked for a refund for a service I didn’t like even though their policy said no refunds

and more.. not everything was successful. I sat in some serious discomfort before and after many of my dares. I feel like I grew a lot though, and am believing more and more deeply that I can handle any emotion, even if I don’t want to haha!

It was also coincidentally my highest income month in my business ever, slightly more than what I made at my last “real” full time job in a month. Being willing to sit in uncomfortable feelings is making my dreams come true. Thank you for all that you’ve taught me so far!