Daughter and Anxiety

Hi Brooke

My 16 year old daughter is struggling with her thoughts at present. She has always show signs of being anxious but never to this level. Her thoughts creating her anxiety jump from one thing to then next, first it stemmed from “something is wrong with my health”, to “something might happen to mum and dad” (triggered by death of her uncle’s sudden passing) and now it is “what is I am not attracted to boys”. She has not had a “proper” boyfriend and her close friends are all coupled up. She is a gorgeous girl and it is not like she has not had the opportunity but she tells me “i am not going to date someone just for the sake of dating, if I am not interested in them”. She is very shy and has labeled herself as socially awkward. As her mother I can see that she is an “old soul” who prefers old fashioned values and not the single minded young men in her school. She wants a relationship with substance (she keeps telling me) someone who can hold a conversation and not just want to “get into my pants”. I respect this about her and think this is a good quality but she has got herself in such a tizz about her sexuality she doesn’t go a day with out stressing about it. I have spoken to her and had her listen to your and Kara’s material…but as she is young she struggles with the thoughts when she is in her anxiety and finds it hard to pull herself back at times.

Any suggestions?