Daughter Failing Chemistry

My daughter is a freshman in college. She sailed through high school in the top 5% of her class of 600 with all A’s. Got into a neuroscience program in Honors, and has proceeded to have a VERY hard time academically. She dropped out of Biology and it looks like she will fail Chemistry and get low B’s in two other classes. My brain is really struggling here! She calls me to talk about it, tells me she is doing her best, and I can’t think of anything to support her other than, “I know you’re smart!” She seems as baffled by her performance as I, and it feels like both of us are just spinning in our anxiety ridden thoughts. I tried to do a thought download and got stuck fast:
C Daughter is failing Chemistry
T I have failed as a parent
F Petrified
A Argue with husband over what her options are
R Stay immobilized with fear

C Daughter is failing Chemistry
I don’t even know what a better thought is! That’s how immobilized my brain has become! But you say, “if you had to guess”, so maybe T is: All I can do is love her? Feeling changes to…? Any ideas on better thoughts I can practice about this? I want the Result to be that she doesn’t fail, but I know I’m not in charge of her. I can see I have expectations based on my manual and her past actions, but where can I take this model to allow me to best support her and not argue with hubby?