Daughter’s Divorce

I am having a very hard time accepting the fact that my daughter wants and is in the process of getting divorced. I went through a very difficult and painful divorce about 25 years ago, and based on that, believe that is why I’m having such a hard time. I thought I was over my divorce and that it was behind me but now feel like I’m reliving that painful road. I’ve gone to counseling in the past and felt each time I took a step toward getting healed and moving forward in my life but now wonder if I’ve just been fooling myself … will I ever be totally over my divorce – will I ever be totally healed emotionally?? (My husband left and I was devastated – lost all desire to go on and took years to get back on my feet.) Can you offer some advice as to how to truly put the divorce behind me and not allow it to influence my life any longer?
Thanks so very much