Day 14 Letter – MIL tzv

I’ve been focusing on my MIL this past week and am a little stumped on the letter. Mainly, I’m able to find thoughts of admiration/love as it relates to her bringing my husband into this world.

For the “I remember when..” question, my mind flooded with lots of negative memories. Her frowning in all of our wedding photos, etc. I struggled to write anything positive that wasn’t superficial. All I could come up with was, “I remember when I first saw your garden and how beautiful it was, and how much you enjoy it.”

For the “You have shown me how to..” …. I’m stuck. Again, I could fill this with negative thoughts but struggling to find a positive one.

I feel like I’ve made some strides with her this week but in a lot of ways my brain is very happy to bring up old thoughts about her and I might need another week to focus on her!

Suggestions on how I could properly or more effectively write this letter?

Thank you,