Day 4 Dare Complete

I am working on my thoughts around money and taking the more empowered approach instead of the I don’t deserve it or I’ve been a bad girl with money in the past so I don’t know how to manage it.

I recently got a consolidated loan a couple of months ago and paid down my 2 charge cards to almost 0 (that was a dare I didn’t even realize!). That process was so easy I started thinking what else I could do to get my payments down even more.

Both of the cards have high interest rates (24.9% and 25.4%) so I decided to call each company to see if I could get a lower interest rate.

Though the “who do you think you are?” thoughts were looming around, I dialed any and just asked! The 1st one (which happens to be with the bank I’ve banked with for nearly 20 years!) said they couldn’t do anything. I accepted that however will be calling back to speak with the personal banker who knows me pretty well to see what he can do.

The other company said “sure, no problem” The new rate is 20%!

I’ve gotta say I was pretty tickled with myself!

Butterflies aside, I’m really having fun with this!