Day #5

I have a desire to be recognized. But I do not talk about myself as it feels like a brag. And I recognize everyone else. So this was my dare – to brag, or rather to recognize myself. I am organizing an event at my work and I will also be facilitating the panel discussion. I have asked someone for putting up the communication and another to design the poster for it. And then I realized that the one name missing from the communication was mine. And I feel left out. But the fact is that I am the one who has provided all the details on what to add. So I did a dare on this, to put myself out there. As I did the model, I realized that the main reason I don’t do it because it feels I am bragging and I have been taught not to do, or I disrepect those who do. I tried to move away from it, and decided to recognize myself and asked the poster designer to add my name. And I feel recognized now ! Feels good. But I do need some more clarity about it so that I can continue to do it in future, could you please guide me ? Thanks !