Hi Brooke,
I just watched your video about debt. I love thinking about the debt in smaller parts as I can make enough to cover the interest per month and then some more. How do I take the next step to paying off even more now? My goal is to have roughly $25,000 paid off by December. Right now, I’m putting $1250 per month plus another $700. I work 40 hours per week, work one night a week doing another job, and picked up another job for June on Saturdays. I’ve sold pretty much everything I could so far with a rummage sale I had last month. I’m at the cross road I feel between my thought on time vs money and creating value. Where do I go from here? I feel like maybe I should get even another job, but I feel like it’s coming from the place of time vs money instead of creating value. I also don’t want to get another job just for the money.
Thoughts or advice?
Thank you!!