Deciding what I want

My parents are aging and live in Florida. I am the youngest of their kids. I have two older brothers but I have always been the closest to my parents. I live with my husband and 3 kids in Virginia and recently my parents have been suggesting that I move to Florida. My dad says “it’s a child’s responsibility to take care of their parents when they age.”

I feel really conflicted about what to do. On the one hand I really believe it would be a sacred opportunity to spend more time with my parents in the remaining years of their life, and give my kids the chance to know their grandparents more. I like Florida and it could be an opportunity to experience something new. I also want to help and support my parents if they would like me to be there.

On the other hand I want to stay where I live right now. I love the school where my kids attends, our community and the home we live in. My husband has a great job and a lot of opportunities for employment close to where we live. It feels like we would be uprooting our kids and family from a place where we are really happy.

I am struggling to decide what to do. My parents had the opportunity to live in Virginia, close to us, but they opted to move to Florida. It feels like I would be giving up a lot to move to Florida, but I also think it would be an opportunity to spend more time with my parents when they seem to want me close by. I would like to feel at peace with a decision but don’t feel certain either way. Can you offer some guidance please?