Decision Hell

Hi Brooke,
I joined Scholars because I wanted help with making decisions. Initially I wanted help with 1)whether to stay in my current relationship or leave it,2) Move back to my home town and 3) change career. I have listened to the coaching calls and they have helped me on so many ways. However, instead of focusing on these I started looking at (buying) houses with my fiance(the one I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay with)in the town I currently live in assuring that I would have to stay in my current position and career. I purchased a house without selling the one we currently own (we were thinking it would sell quickly) . I do not love the house I am buying. I caved to the pressure that there was another offer and if I didn’t get my offer in by a certain time that I would lose the house. I should have taken my time and let the house go, but I didn’t and now I have enormous buyer’s remorse! We are doing a quick close which makes it worse. The property has a foundation issue which he is rectifying but I am now worried that I am buying a house that I will not be able to sell in the future. And to boot we just put our house up for sale and buyers are not knocking our doors down making us offers (like we anticipated). So many thoughts (that have kept me awake for the last month). I am not sure how I got myself into this mess ( I probably know somewhere deep down, but everything just feels tenuous) I can’t believe I let myself get into this situation, why couldn’t I have left everything the way it was? Right now all I want to do is cancel the purchase and keep the home we currently live in. This situation (ok, my thoughts about this situation) have me stressed out and an anxious mess. Help!!