Decision Making?

When making a decision at what point do you take into account the “realities” of ethical positions, political and personal values, social and spiritual consciousness, etc. and how do these characteristics interact with the choices and opportunities that we confront?
Throughout our conversations, I have heard you describe concepts like: letting go of the idea of “good” and “bad” decisions. Additionally, you have asserted: listen to how you “feel” about why you want to make a change (and therefore decision.) For example, if a desired change comes from a place of scarcity rather than abundance… But then juxtaposed with the notion that if your brain is telling you to abort, this is our primitive brain and that we need to push through these feelings to find success.
My head is spinning…. I know I’m missing the simplicity here…

Personal context: I currently have a steady career in a challenging setting/facility and I am looking to the future for a change. I don’t want to move from my town for many reasons. I have recently been enticed by a direct-sales company. Culturally and personally I have skepticism about the potential of “pyramid schemes,” (which are illegal.) With research I have found information that indicated the CEO of the company has different political values for me and is personally and professionally proactive about these issues (of which I am ardently opposed.) However, there is potential for autonomy and financial comfort.
How do you navigate decisions with potential conflict to personal values yet achieving personal goals? I am at the stage of making a commitment and it doesn’t “feel” right, but can this be my primitive brain telling me to “stay home”??

Thank you for all of your time and energy-