Decision Quandry

I just reached Diamond Scholar status. I joined Scholars to tackle my weight and food issues once and for all. I did great using Brooke’s concepts and immersed myself in all the classes, calls, and information I could get my hands on. Looking back over my journals, I see that in July I started going back to my old ways. I have now gained back 10 of the 20 pounds lost and I am even sadder to see that I have not kept up on my thought work. I feel like I am at a crossroads: choose the life I lived for my whole adult life of on and off diets or really choose to free myself by working to lose the desire to overeat and keep working to maintain that new thinking. How do I make a decision and then stick with it? I feel like Brooke has offered me a lifeline out of hell, yet I have treated it like I have all “diets”: I do it for awhile and then slowly but surely stop.