Decluttering basement and thoughts – Full circle

Hi Brooke,

Brilliant month – thank you!!

I spent Saturday cleaning out my basement where I store all my paperwork and books. I couldn’t believe how many books and courses I found there on coaching, self-help and weight loss. Although I obviously knew I spent money purchasing those things, seeing them all there in one large pile stunned me. I also found journals upon journals that I wrote over the years, whereI always seemed to be complaining about three things over and over again: how I’m frustrated about work, my female relationships and my weight.

When I saw all of this in one big physical pile, I couldn’t believe how much time and how many dollars I had spent over the years on trying to change these three “circumstances.” It was a shock.

Although a part of me wanted to hold onto the journals for memories sake – because I also had tons of entries written about things I did and experienced, places I’ve traveled to, etc.- , I knew it was time to let go of that “past” me.

I then proceeded to shred all of my journals from the last twenty years, got rid of all the coaching and business courses that I took that I never completed, and only kept a few books that I absolutely love.

I now have a beautifully organized storage space. But more importantly, I realized that I don’t need to constantly look for solutions “out there” – whether I’m trying to solve for weight loss, friendships or my business. I have everything I need in here. I also don’t need to record of the memories. Even though it was fun to re-read about some events that happened in the past (I read a hilarious entry from my last night in college with my 5 roommates), I also understood that holding on to them was weighing me down.

It was liberating.

Right now, I feel no desire to purchase another course or book or journal about something that happened or how I’m doing. While there’s always more to learn and while it’s great to reflect, right now I feel like there’s so much that I already know that I have not yet implemented or fully processed, so I want to spend the next few months implementing, not consuming or rehearsing in my brain.

I also love that I am not only listening to you and some of your coaches for guidance. Getting rid of all those emails from other coaches and business “gurus” was confusing me and making it harder to move forward because I was always in overwhelm and consumption. Constraint is the best!

Thank you – a GREAT month!